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We are looking for talented developers interested in working on bringing our audio and music desktop and mobile apps to the next level of performance and user friendliness.

We're located in the EUR neighborhood of Rome, Italy.
n-Track Software offers an informal yet highly motivated working environment with open hours.

Our offices are inside the Pi Campus, a group of villas with lots of green space where you can find the hottest startups and tech companies in the Rome area. A swimming pool and a fully equipped gym are there whenever you want to take a break.

Job Openings

App developer

You will be involved in developing the mobile and desktop versions of our audio and music apps.

Requirements: strong programming skills in either C++, Objective C, Java or Javascript. Knowledge of iOS and/or Android programming environments. DSP, musical or audio background appreciated.

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Marketing and PR

You will be involved in getting more users around the world to know and use n-Track. You will manage SEO for our website and apps, social networks, email newsletters, contacts with journalists and bloggers, write press releases, show our products on music trade shows.

Requirements: basic SEO, great communication skills, knowledge of the business of software, music, apps and internet marketing. Good written and spoken english. Strong musical or audio background.

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